Blank Book Project

Our assignment in Graphic Design III was to create a book cover and have the inside pages blank. The book should be about something that will make sense to have blank pages. I chose the elusive sock monster! I’m sure everyone has lost socks while doing laundry – where the heck to they go?

I first started with sketching out possible subjects for the Blank Book.

Sketches for Blank Book

Sketches page 2

I created my book cover in Adobe Illustrator. I chose a dynamic color scheme to aid my sock monster as he sneakily collects his socks. I gave him textured fur with custom created brush strokes. I found a tutorial in creating fur here: a repost from 2009.

Sock Monster throwing socks

The background changed as I tried placing more elements.

Sock Monster background change 2

I finally decided the angled color was competing too much, so I simplified it. I added shadows to the objects and a gradient on the wall to create more mystery.

Final cover of Sock Monster

I used Hornswaggled Font, from Nick’s Fonts, for the title and Amaranth, from Gesine Todt, for the body copy – both discovered on Font Squirrel.

Based on feedback, I have modified my design some:sock monster edited

Presentation Materials for the Selma, NC Logo

I was assigned on a team to prepare presentation materials for another Selma logo. This one is more contemporary because of the lower case letters; but it is also points to Selma’s historical side because of the use of their unique and specific street lamp.

Catherine Pierce created this one:

I used pictures I took of Selma signs and added the new logo.


Selma Mockup signs

I also created mock-ups from online sources. Mainly Graphic Burger and Free Pik and Dry Icons.



Selma Mock ups

My Selma, NC Logo Made it to the Top 5!

In Graphic Design III class we voted which logos were our favorites. Out of 20 students my logo made it to the top 5. Selma Logo with wing SelmaMockup_orangewing SelmaOrangeWing_t-shirt

A team is assigned to prepare a presentation to present to the people of Selma. I am curious about what they will do.

Selma Logos: Experimenting with Color

I have narrowed my logo designs to two varieties and I am experimenting with color ideas. Once I determine the color, I can submit my final design.

Selma Logo using rays Selma with stylized S color experiment

Do you like the “S” with a “wing” or without? Is there a color combination you like the best?

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Cynthia Hughey Designs!

I am a student at Wake Technical College majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design. I will post my Graphic Design III projects as well as any interesting tidbits I find about all things design.  I hope this will help to enhance my WordPress experience and develop a dialogue with other designers.

Hello world!

Our first project in Graphic Design III is to create a logo for the town of Selma, NC. I went to Selma with a friend and took pictures to help inspire me and find out more about the town. They have a lot of antique shops, but they really want to increase the presence of businesses to the mix. They hope a new logo will create a new interest in their town. I have to admit we ran into a lot of friendly and informative townspeople. If we were taking a picture, someone would say hi, or tell us about the history of what we were photographing.

I tried to keep it simple, but the detail side of me always tries to push through. Next is creating a few in Illustrator. I really love Adobe’s flexibility and the ability to re-size in Illustrator without losing quality. Some of my details could be lost the smaller the logo is, so Illustrator will give me the flexibility to experiment a redefine.

12 Selma Logos SelmaLogo_0002 SelmaLogo_0003 SelmaLogo_0004