Hello world!

Our first project in Graphic Design III is to create a logo for the town of Selma, NC. I went to Selma with a friend and took pictures to help inspire me and find out more about the town. They have a lot of antique shops, but they really want to increase the presence of businesses to the mix. They hope a new logo will create a new interest in their town. I have to admit we ran into a lot of friendly and informative townspeople. If we were taking a picture, someone would say hi, or tell us about the history of what we were photographing.

I tried to keep it simple, but the detail side of me always tries to push through. Next is creating a few in Illustrator. I really love Adobe’s flexibility and the ability to re-size in Illustrator without losing quality. Some of my details could be lost the smaller the logo is, so Illustrator will give me the flexibility to experiment a redefine.

12 Selma Logos SelmaLogo_0002 SelmaLogo_0003 SelmaLogo_0004

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