Blank Book Project

Our assignment in Graphic Design III was to create a book cover and have the inside pages blank. The book should be about something that will make sense to have blank pages. I chose the elusive sock monster! I’m sure everyone has lost socks while doing laundry – where the heck to they go?

I first started with sketching out possible subjects for the Blank Book.

Sketches for Blank Book

Sketches page 2

I created my book cover in Adobe Illustrator. I chose a dynamic color scheme to aid my sock monster as he sneakily collects his socks. I gave him textured fur with custom created brush strokes. I found a tutorial in creating fur here: a repost from 2009.

Sock Monster throwing socks

The background changed as I tried placing more elements.

Sock Monster background change 2

I finally decided the angled color was competing too much, so I simplified it. I added shadows to the objects and a gradient on the wall to create more mystery.

Final cover of Sock Monster

I used Hornswaggled Font, from Nick’s Fonts, for the title and Amaranth, from Gesine Todt, for the body copy – both discovered on Font Squirrel.

Based on feedback, I have modified my design some:sock monster edited