Package Design of Tea Boxes

Our assignment was to create three tea boxes for one company who wants to appeal to health-conscious predominantly female consumer, ages 25+. I think this will appeal to the target audience because the silhouettes will allow viewers to imagine themselves hiking and visiting the views. I also hope to appeal to their philanthropic nature because some of the proceeds will go to helping the environment. The name of the tea company is Vagari, which Latin for “to wander”.



Video Game Launch Kit – Little Shop of Horrors – Process 3

Here is a sticker I created – I am going to get it cut out to follow the contourDDS Pain to Gain

This is my key chain artwork, to insert into locket.
Little Audrey II keychain2-large
I also designed a T-Shirt. I gave Audrey II some blood and used a line from the ┬áplay. I gave myself a cut line so the whole thing wouldn’t be a solid block of transfer paper.
T-Shirt Must Be Blood

Video Game Launch Kit – Little Shop of Horrors – Process 2

So I decided with my video game the characters would be more manga style instead of just straight illustrations.Audrey, Seymour, Orin, Mushnik

Here is little Audrey II – Isn’t he cute? In Illustrator I used some puppet warp to get the lettering around the can and to shape the leaves. Cabbage studies helped get the veining on the head and leaves.

Audrey II pod 1

Video Game Launch Kit for Graphic Design III

Our assignment was to create a video game launch kit – this would be the package that finally arrives when you pre-order your video game. ┬áThe only game I have played online is Candy Crush and Solitaire, so not something I have ever waited for. With some research and a lot of YouTube video game unwrapping, I decided to make my own instead of using one that already exists.

I chose Little Shop of Horrors – for some reason, in the years as a Theatrical Prop person, I never had to build or work backstage for this show. Although I do remember NCT performed it & I got to see Audrey II go down Hillsborough Street in a pick-up truck.

I chose to make it a kill or be killed kind of game where Audrey II really did have World Botanical Enterprises take leaf cuttings and they started spreading throughout Skid Row and Manhattan!

Here are my initial sketches.

Audrey, Seymour, Mushnik, Orin, Audrey II

T-Shirt Little Shop of Horrors

DDS Sticker

PS4 Cover